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There will be 5 spots available to start


You can bring as much as you would like or just a little. Whatever you would like to fill your mini store front up. You are responsible for maintaining it. 


All the Details—

  • You will submit a monthly subscription order for reoccurring payments monthly- this is required to secure your space. 
  • You can come in when I am here to refill your shelf or rotate your products. 
  • No limit as to what you can have. My only ask is you keep it clean.
  • If you need to cancel, please do so by the end of the prior month so I can advertise for that space. If not the next month WILL be auto charged. 


Here are the Perks—

  • I will do monthly product features for you and market on all my social media business pages. 
  • I will also create some small marketing posts for you to share with  everyone. And obviously talk you up to everyone I meet 
  • You will get online visibility to my following and also my gift store community. 


I would absolutely LOVE to watch another fellow entrepreneur grow and pay it forward like so many other local small businesses did for me.

Become a Vendor

Price Options
Vendor Space
$50.00every month until canceled
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