Mini Fun Size Bags are very small 1oz airtight bags that are the ideal party favors for weddings, birthday party, bridal shower, and etc. These bags are only sold in a set of 10. If you would like more than 10 bags choose more than 1 quantity. You're able to pick one flavor per set. Prices vary on the type of popcorn you choose.



Labels can also be customize for an extra fee starting at $5.00 for Text,

and $15.00 for Photo and Text. (Price will be added to each case of 10)

**if you choose any customization, please be aware that the price will change once we receive the order. New invoice with difference will be sent out prior to ordering. 



Any flavors with fruit, chocolate, or icing the shelf life is a few days in these bags. Other flavor can last up to 2 wks.


Regular Butter Lover Popcorn is Vegan.


Contact us if you would like Vegan Popcorn.


Most candy flavors with toppings doesn't come in Vegan style.


Our popcorn and corn puffs are made with natural ingredients and no preservative.

Mini Fun Size Bags

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